Co-Owner, Client Relations, Analytics


Co-Owner, Photographer, Curator


From childhood sweethearts to joyfully married; from competitive college classmates to driven business partners. We are Alex and Corrine. 

Corrine and I grew up together, and I always had a bit of an infatuation with her. In eighth grade, I finally convinced her I was all right. As we have grown older, we have been privileged to have each other. We share many common interests: coffee, baseball, Maryland, and travel (just to name a few).

The most notable of our common interests is marketing. Corrine has a passion for social media, photography, and design. I have a passion for communication, client relations, and digital marketing. Together, we make a pretty good team.

When we went to college, we both studied Communications, and excelled in the program. During this time, we both worked tirelessly gaining experience in digital marketing for small businesses and non-profits. 

Now, Corrine and I started A&C Social Strategies. We have a passion for helping people distinguish their unique stories through social media in a way that produces tangible results. 

Alex Bouffard